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Does your BlackBerry OS7 smartphone device record video in HD?

There are mobile users who take VGA video recording for the occasional moment, then there’s mobile users who take HD video recording seriously on their BlackBerry device.

Then there’s mobile users who want only the best microSDHC memory cards for their @BlackBerry device, and will spend good money to buy only the best from reputable companies, such as @Sandisk, @LexarMedia, @PNY_Tech Electronics, Kingston Technology, or Verbatim.

Personally, I only choose Sandisk, or PNY, as these brands have never given me any issues, they excel with their performance and durability, not withstanding their incredible lifetime warranties. 

I currently own a 32GB SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Class 10 memory card for my BlackBerry Bold 9900 device.

When HD recording either in bright sunlight, or on a cloudy day, I’ve always had amazing audio & video quality.

In case you’re wondering, microSDHC memory cards can boost additional memory in your device and helps you record those precious moments, not worrying about how much memory you have left when you have the maximum external memory card inserted in your device, which is 32GB (more info on max memory below).

You also want to make sure it will run fast, so make sure that memory card is a Class 10 speed rating, (which means my memory card is 30MB/s read capable speeds).

In case you didn’t know, these 3 BlackBerry devices above are capable of HD video recording in 720P HD [1280x720P resolution].

For those who don’t have a BlackBerry device capable of HD video recording, you can still record at Normal resolution 640x480, or MMS Mode 176x144 for those wanting to send out video clips to a friend, or co-worker via e-mail, or BlackBerry Messenger [BBM].

There’s a great article I found, courtesy of Inside BlackBerry Help Blog;

I’ve also found an article, courtesy of BlackBerry Knowledge Base regarding allowable maximum memory cards based on device’s OS software.

Thank you very much for those who visited my Tumblr blog, and hope to keep on blogging when I have time available.

Take care, and thank you again.


BlackBerry Messenger updates to version via BlackBerry Beta Zone

I’m sure most of you who have heard earlier on today that BlackBerry Beta Zone has released a new updated version of their kick-a** #BBMVoice #BBM7 Messenger [beta] application.

Most of you would have got word of this via your BlackBerry e-mail, Gmail, Facebook, or perhaps this @RapidBerry article, which has all the juicy details of this latest update…I’ll provide to you below;

BlackBerry Messenger v7.0.0.100 now available in Beta Zone

If you look at my screen shot, you’ll notice that on the top right hand corner of BBM, it shows a red ! exclamation mark, notifying you that your Wi-Fi wireless connection needs your attention in order to enable the BBM Voice feature between you and whoever else is on the receiving end in order to have a successful BBM chat connection.

So far, I have spoken to many of my BBM friends, as far as the Philippines, that could only be ER Alonzo @ToraxCefiro thank you very much my friend, even though sometimes it can be difficult to hear each other, due to either one of us, or both using a public Wi-Fi connection.

It is best you should (whenever possible) to use your home, or a stable & strong wireless connection to ensure that both of you chatting away via BBM enjoy that special moment, where not even a few weeks ago, it was unthinkable that anyone could possibly chat to someone else via BBM over a Wi-Fi connection, completely free!

RIM! you are the best!

Through your hard work and determination, you are paving the way proving to everyone that we can make things happen, even in the face of critics!

#TeamBlackBerry #BB10Believe

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB & 64GB Deals

I thought I should blog about how several stores are offering promotional discounted prices on the BlackBerry PlayBook [Wi-Fi] Editions in 32GB & 64GB flavors, with and without accessory bundles.

So before you look below for the best deal, keep in mind these are promotional, and as such, dates & prices may change without notice.

Hello everyone, as most of you have heard about the incredible news, courtesy of [R.I.M.] Research In Motion, they have Officially announced BlackBerry Messenger [B.B.M] version, which is now available via BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Today, Faisal @FaisalMohamedA, and myself @furiousguido decided to use BBM7 [Beta] between 2 BlackBerry Bold 9900 device’s running the same Beta version

We spoke an incredible 44 minutes, and 05 seconds (see screen-shots) in a completely clear, no distortion, no lag, and obviously, no dis-connection issues.

Between our BBM7 [Beta] Voice calls, we have agreed that;

  • make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest BBID on your BlackBerry device.
  • both BlackBerry devices should run high-speed internet, between 5-8Mbps, at the very least.
  • the faster the internet speeds, the smoother the BBM Voice call, less chance of distortion, and/or dis-connection issues.
  • Note: the [confirmed] issue of 13th minute dis-connection… in our opinion, it can only be ruled out as one party, or both, having below-normal internet speeds, or other unknown factors not yet corrected.
  • BBM7 Voice is only available via BlackBerry Beta Zone, not everyone will have access to Beta Zone, or BBM7 Voice [Beta].
  • an Official BBM7 update will be announced & released once all the bugs have been ironed out by RIM. (there’s no date(s) when that will happen)
  • for those who have downloaded BBM7 [Beta] and have not received your BlackBerry BBM7 key-code, try looking in your e-mail junk/other folder(s).
  • for those who currently have access to BlackBerry Beta Zone,  download/install this awesome BBM7 [Beta] update, enjoy!!

For those who have not currently have registered yet for BlackBerry Beta Zone, it is required using your BlackBerry #BBID sign-in with your username & password to access Beta apps, discussions, and other areas which you may be interested either now, or some other time in the future.

Check out BBM7 [F.A.Q’s] Frequently Asked Questions below;

BlackBerry Beta Zone - FAQ’s BBM7

Also, bookmark BlackBerry Knowledge Base - BBM

BlackBerry [DM] Desktop Manager for PC (latest - download here

Check out @RapidBerry below;

BBM Voice: Voice Chat to your BBM Friends for Free Over Wi-Fi with BlackBerry Messenger 7

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